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Give me a Break!

Dear Friends, This is the first time I’m sending you a political announcement instead of a musical invitation. As you all know I sing songs of spiritual content and most of you know how I lean politically and socially. In a world where Muslims have a special prison dedicated to them at Guantanamo, where right-wing governments in Europe have become of choice on an anti-immigration platform, where slander against Islam is common in mainstream media…..I guess these lame caricatures proved too much. As a Muslim I am sick and tired of Islam getting bashed in day-in and day-out but I am NOT outraged by the caricature of Prophet Muhammad. I am outraged that ‘Muslims’ are killing people in the name of Islam, I am outraged that Muslims have manipulated Islam for their political gain, I am outraged by the lack of respect for other faiths and women’s rights DESPITE what the Quran says, and DESPITE Prophet Muhammad’s peaceful example. Slander is simply disgusting, but the reactions of some Muslims are even more disgusting. After 9-11, Muslims were lumped in as terrorist sympathizers. I hated that. So in support of the NON-racist Danes, Norwegians and all the Europeans out there, I will not boycott their products. As a matter of fact I will continue to buy my very creamy Havarti Danish cheese. If you haven’t had it before, go buy it! In peace, Ani

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I'm really excited about this new collection of songs in a new genre "Islamic Hymns". I'm co-writing & co-producing it with George Landress with backing vocal arrangement by Michael Mishaw. The music borrows from classical music with lots of choral arrangements. The lyrics is in English and Islamic in content. 

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