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CD: Islamic Hymns - Celebration of Life

A New Music Genre

Islamic Hymns If you're a Muslim in America and miss having music as a form of      religious and spiritual expression, then this CD, Islamic Hymns -  Celebration of Life is for you. 

 As a pianist trained in the classical tradition I decided to create  compositions in this genre and with vocal arrangements much like a  church choir. The big difference is that the lyrical content is in  English, lyrics adapted from the Quran, Prophet Muhammad's prayer,  Rumi and Rabia Basri. 




  1. Prayer of Light: Lyrics adapted from Prophet Muhammad’s prayer
  2. The Fatihah: Translation adapted from Sir Richard Burton
  3. Come Come: Lyrics adapted from Rumi
  4. In My Soul: Lyrics adapted from Rabi’a Basri
  5. Song for Allah: Lyrics adapted from Rabi’a Basri

All songs written, arranged and produced by George Landress at Emily’s Basement Recordings (Golden Rule Music, ASCAP) and Ani Zonneveld at 2bz Productions (ZuZuBeat Music, SESAC).

Backing vocals: Michael Mishaw, Ani Zonneveld.

Backing vocal arrangements: Michael Mishaw.

Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by George Landress at Emily’s Basement, Los Angeles.

Cover: Original artwork by Salma Arastu titled "Celebration of Life V".

Thank you to my friends George, Michael and Salma who made this project look and sound awesome!

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singer / songwriter / producer / activist

I'm really excited about this new collection of songs in a new genre "Islamic Hymns". I'm co-writing & co-producing it with George Landress with backing vocal arrangement by Michael Mishaw. The music borrows from classical music with lots of choral arrangements. The lyrics is in English and Islamic in content. 

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